Hello. My name is Michael duPont. I'm a data scientist, maker, theatre tech, and pilot based in Orlando, FL. I provide pro-bono consulting to start-ups working with Python or how they can leverage machine learning, and I co-organize both the Orlando Python and Orlando Machine Learning & Data Science meetups. I enjoy working with embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, but I also have experience with a wide variety of languages, platforms, and skills. I'm one of those swing players that knows enough about a lot of things, preferring not to totally specialize; it is very helpful as a maker and prototyper.

My long-term career goal is to launch a fleet of autonomous swarm robots to explore the surface of other planets and moons. Imagine puting a bunch of Google self-driving cars on the surface of Mars in areas too dangerous for humans. I have experience with distributed robot communications and control, and I'm currently learning more about machine learning alorithms and distributed computing.


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Centre College, Danville, KY - 2014

Drama Major, Computer Science Minor

Awards and Certifications

Eagle Scout - Troop 225 Windermere, FL

Private Pilot Certificate - ASEL

BSA Merit Badge Counselor

Aviation, Digital Technology, Electronics, Programming, Robotics, Theater