Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center

Lighting Intern - Summer 2014: Tasked with building the four performance spaces (two inside, two outside) and working the four conferences (National Puppetry Conference, National Music Theatre Conference, National Playwrights Conference, National Cabaret and Performance Conference). Other events included guest artists, Gala, and after-hours parties where I worked as LD and live-lighting Programmer

National Playwrights Conference: Six shows in four weeks with two always in simultaneous development, The Imaginary Music Critic Who Doesn't Exist (Programmer), Bright Half-Life (ALD)

Cabaret: Ten new performances in eleven days with acts such as Betty Buckley, Mimi Hines, Barb Jungr, The Sondheim Project (ALD) with Ann Morrison, Pamela Myers, and Chip Zien, and a Stevie Nicks review (Programmer)


You Can’t Take It With You, Pirates of Penzance, King and I, Godspell, Cinderella (stage manager), Zarafa (assistant sound designer, original production), MDT XII (sound designer), The Ugly One, The Dining Room, Bus Stop, After Orpheus (sound designer, original production), Kuwait (director), The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) (producer, director, sound/scenic designer), Our Country's Good, Eugene O'Neill TC (NPuppC, NMTC, NPlayC, NCPC)


King and I, Oklahoma!, The American Spirit: A Musical Review, Annie, Seussical the Musical, Sound of Music (Freidrich von Trapp), Once on this Island (Papa Ge), Music Man (Oliver Hix-Quartet), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Judge Thatcher), Oklahoma! (Will Parker), The Mystery of Edwin Drood


MDT X, XI, XII (student written/produced/directed), After Orpheus (derived piece, performed at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Other Info

I was a member of my high school’s Thespian troupe (2449), earning various superiors at districts and FL states. I was also my troupe’s first ever entry in costume construction, where I earned Best in Show at districts and straight superiors at states, in addition to large group musical which also earned straight superiors. After the completion of Lake Highland’s state-of-the-art theatre, I was on its full time staff helping set-up and run its many monthly performances. I am currently a drama major (comp sci minor) at Centre College and have taken specialty courses in scenic design and directing. In 2012, I was part of a group of students who took a devised piece, After Orpheus, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it played for four performances. I produced and directed a three-person show called The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) which opened three weeks after our first rehearsal. I have taught myself how to program hardware for personal and theatrical use, namely the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Adafruit's Flora platform.