Orlando Police Dispatches

Explore the Orlando Police Dispatch records for dates ranging from 2009-05-09 to 2015-08-21. Bars show the number of dispatches broken down by the categories listed below. Hovering over a section will display additional information. Clicking on a year or month bar will display a new chart with that time period. Clicking on a day will open a new page so you can explore that day's dispatches on a map.
For an exploatory analysis of this data, you can read my full report.


Violent: violent crimes such as murder, kidnapping, and battery
Nonviolent: non-violent crimes such as criminal mischief, drug violations, and breaking & entering
Transport: involving vehicles, roads, and waterways (that are not considered violent crimes like DUI) including accidents and reckless boating
Oncall: where police responded to a non-criminal call like a 911 hang up, dead animal, or suspicious person
Other: anything else that doesn’t fall into these categories like school zone crossings, bike patrols, and escorts